How To Use DIY Castor Oil Packs For Liver Detox And To Break Down Kidney Stones

by Shelby

If you feel tired, sluggish, and fatigue all day everyday it is likely that this is a result of poor liver function. Conveniently, castor oil works wonders on the liver!

Castor oil is a vegetable oil obtained by pressing the seeds of the castor oil plant. The oil has been proclaimed all over the world for its benefits. Cultures around the globe have used this oil for its medicinal properties for hundreds of years! If you feel as if your liver might be functioning poorly, then castor oil might be the medicine for you!

The medicinal uses of castor oil range on a wide spectrum. Just to sum some of them up, you can use castor oil to gain relief from rheumatism, menstrual disorders, and constipation. It is also great for dental hygiene, proper lactation, birth control, hair care, and skin care! Aside from all of those benefits, castor oil is especially amazing for your liver!

This DIY castor oil pack will detoxify your liver and you will be performing like new! Castor oil packs have shown to effectively break down kidney stones, support uterine and ovarian health, and improve lymphatic function! It is a simply do it yourself, and you can see the directions below.

What You Need

  • High quality castor oil
  • Lemon essential oil – optional but recommended
  • Washable spa body wrap
  • Heat pad
  • Wool Flannel Pad or Cotton Pad or cloth (if using cotton I recommend organic, if possible)



  • Moisten flannel or cotton with castor oil. (Add 1-2 drops of lemon essential oil to the castor oil, mix well.)
  • Place moistened pad/cloth on right side of abdomen, just below rib cage (that’s where your liver is located). If using to detoxify kidneys, put them on your back where both kidneys are located.
  • Secure the pad in place with the body wrap by wrapping around entire abdomen.
  • Heat up the heating pad and place it on top of flannel pad.
  • Lie down and keep the heat pack in place for about an hour.

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