Are Bath Bombs Safe? The Ingredients Are Terrifying

by Shelby

A new trend might bring about some harmful, long-term side effects. Bath bombs have really taken a toll on social media, but they also might be taking a toll on your body.


All over Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, you are seeing tons and tons of pictures of bath bombs! They are being advertised in all kinds of different stores too. They are meant to make your bathwater colorful while leaving a nice scent after your bath. There are also bath bombs you can purchase that contain lotion or other moisturizers. While they are a nice combination with a glass of red wine, they too have been poisoned by corrupt manufacturers.

Bath bombs have proven to contain really harmful ingredients. While in the modern day it seems like everything we consume contains some sort of toxicity, bath bombs have definitely topped the list. They contain fake fragrances made out of some hefty ingredients. Not to mention the fact that over 95% of chemicals used in fake fragrances originated as petroleum or crude oil.

Bath bombs also contain food dyes that enter your bloodstream, as proven by a breakthrough 2013 Slovenian study. They showed that the body absorbs these chemicals typically through recently shaven skin and the mucous membranes. From this point, the dyes are then absorbed into the bloodstream and spread throughout the entire body – including the heart and the brain. Other test tube studies have linked these chemicals to brain cancer. Certain yellow dyes can even increase your risk of adrenal 0a2de7018537574040e3adb0df1bb8e4and kidney cancers.

Other studies show that bath bombs can give you UTI’s. UTI’s or Urinary Tract Infection is a painful infection that takes place in the urinary tract. Bath bombs and several bubble baths have been linked to triggering infections like these. Are you willing to contract an infection for a fizzy bath?


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