How The Human Heart Functions as a Second Brain

by Shelby

The human heart is the organ that generates the strongest electromagnetic field out of all of our other organs. It can actually be measured from a few feet away!

Information is stored in your hearts electromagnetic field. It has an intelligence like no other. You could safely refer to it as the second brain. The heart is not only made of muscle cells but also neurons. According to researchers at the Institution of HeartMath the heart plays much more of a role in your life than you’d think. It does more than just pump blood.

We use the heart as means to connect with each other and the universe. As you may be aware sometimes the heart and brain work against one another. Our hearts allow us to feel what is best for us on an internal level that is connected with our intuition. We cannot operate on one of these two alone we need our brain and our heart. Our minds are all too often afraid to do things like step out of the comfort zone which can hurt us in the long run.

The decisions our heart makes can sometimes be risky however using your brain and your heart to make your decisions will bring about great clarity when done correctly. Some neuroradiologists are actually pushing the idea that the heart itself can actually act as a second brain. We only hope to gain a better understanding of this in the future.

Our heartbeats have been found to be directly affected by our emotions which seems to go all the more with the idea that our heart is a second brain. Without our hearts, we would not be able to understand the world through our feelings. We are able to create great bonds because of our hearts. Thinking with our hearts is almost second nature. Please watch the video below to learn more about your second brain.

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