How Tequila Reduces Weight & Improves Diabetes

by Shelby

I’m sure that we all have some regrettable tequila stories that we wouldn’t want to share with other people, I do for sure. However, tequila can actually stimulate weight loss.

Tequila can be fun, but it actually has some added benefits to it. It can help you lose weight and even control diabetes. However, it’s not just any tequila that can make you lose weight. If you’re looking to obtain any benefits from tequila, you’re going to need to consume 100% agave tequila. You also need to consume minimal amounts. Remember, we’re not trying to get too crazy! One to two shots is plenty enough.

Yes, it’s true – tequila can help you lose weight. It is usually recommended not to drink if you are looking to lose weight because liquid calories are absorbed much faster than solid ones. However, drinking just a little bit of 100% agave tequila can give you some extra help when you want to lose weight. Agavins have significant weight loss properties. They have less refined molecular structure and agave nectar, and they do not raise your blood sugar levels. Agavins stimulate weight loss because it boosts the metabolism enough to dissolve fats!

Taking a shot of tequila after a meal has been shown to aid your body in digestion. Some even say that you can take a shot of tequila before a meal to amp up your metabolism to burn more calories. Additionally, tequila is a probiotic; probiotics are healthy bacteria that naturally populate in our intestines. They support our immune system and keep our bodies healthy.

Other studies even suggest that a shot of tequila can help prevent type 2 diabetes. Tequila contains fructans that are non-digestible and act as fiber. It passed through the body undigested and it avoids the dangerous blood sugar spike and stimulates insulin production! Of course, if you do have diabetes be sure to run it by your doctor first before you start drinking tequila.

The BBC reported that tequila might even be able to reduce your risk of dementia. Their study revealed that there is a link between people who moderately drink tequila to having a lower incidence of dementia. However, there are also studies that show drinking too much alcohol can triple your risk of acquiring the disease.

People have also been known to treat insomnia with tequila because of its calming benefits. It can help the nerves and may even be an aid in inducing sleep for people who suffer from insomnia! Tequila has more benefits than we knew, but you have to be careful. These benefits are obtained from the top shelf stuff, it has to be 100% agave tequila.

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