How Chocolate Powder is Becoming a New Party Drug With No Hangover

by Shelby

The newest ‘fad’ drug wise these days appears to be something quite outrageous. No, it is not some new super meth/cocaine/heroin Superdrug it is chocolate!

Pure cacao to be exact. This is evidently a very satisfying and legal ‘drug.’ It is being used by ravers and party-goers in Berlin as well as a few other places. One of these parties fueled by cacao is known as Lucid it is something that happens once a month and is overflowing with cacao infused beverages. There has even been a snorting mechanism created for cacao powder. it was created by a Belgian chocolate fanatic and costs about fifty dollars.

There are many benefits to ingesting raw cacao. When you ingest it there is a surge of endorphin’s being released into your bloodstream. This fuels your body with great feelings of euphoria. It also does not give you a hangover like many of the other ‘party drugs.’ Legal, no hangover, and it’s chocolate there really doesn’t seem to be a downside. This party-power substance can also be easily considered one of the greatest foods in the world. Would you snort cacao powder? For more information on this interesting new party fad please watch the video below.

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