The Benefits of Massaging Your Feet Before Bed

by The Rebel Pharmacist

A massage has been one of the best relaxation methods for ages, but what you didn’t know is that it has positive effects on your overall health.

Foot reflexology or foot massage is among the most popular alternative therapies and is practiced in many parts of the world. Reflexology is based on the concept that stimulating specific points on the feet, hands or ears can improve the functioning of corresponding organs, glands and other areas of the body.

Reflexology is similar to acupuncture and acupressure in that it works with the body’s vital energy through the stimulation of points on the body. However, acupuncture/acupressure points do not always coincide with the reflex points used in reflexology.

Foot Massage Can:

  • Improve Blood Flow
  • Stimulate the secretion of sweat
  • Reduce fat
  • Accelerate the blood flow through the tissue
  • Eliminates acids that can cause cramps
  • Affects relaxation and muscle stretch

A new large scale study in the Michigan State University shows that foot reflexology is beneficial in reducing symptoms in cancer patients. In this study, the researchers examined the effects of reflexology in women with breast cancer who undergo chemotherapy and indicated that those in the reflexology group experienced significantly less shortness of breath, a common symptom in breast cancer patients.

Maps of reflex points have been passed between practitioners across the globe. Understandably, there is not agreement among all reflexologists on all points; however, general agreement does exist on major reflex points. Some scientific documentation of linkages between the skin and internal organs also exists.


The treatment itself should not take more than 15 minutes. A very large number of nerve endings are concentrated exactly on the soles. Their opposite ends are spread like a spider web all over the body. Feet massage means healing, and know that when you are massaging them you are doing much more than just stimulating your feet.

So what are you waiting for? Get working!

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