He Put 3 Sponges in The Refrigerator – When You See Why, You Will do The Same Thing! (VIDEO)

by Shelby

If you are tired of buying fresh produce just to have it go bad within a couple days, this might be a hack for you! A man put three sponges in his fridge and when you see why you might do it too.

The trick to preserving your fresh produce lies behind three sponges. What is the primary use of a sponge? To absorb! That is exactly what purpose it serves in the fridge. Put three sponges in the drawer where you store your produce, and watch how long they last. The sponges absorb moisture in the air, which keeps producing healthier for a longer amount of time. Of course, after a couple weeks you will have to replace the sponges, but all in all, it is more than worth it.

You can also learn some very helpful life hacks around the house from this video. It shows how to use toothpaste to get rid of the garlic and onion smell too! It really works too. Try it out for yourself!

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