Everyone Should Know About The Fruit That Treats Cancer!

by Shelby

The amazing things this plant is capable of have been kept secret by those who profit off of our sickness. This juice could effectively prevent cancer.

The fruit I am referring to is known as soursop (Graviola) or guanabana it is a tree with sweet large fruit growing from it that can be ingested raw or added to your food and drinks (you should also use the leaves, all parts of this tree have benefits for different things). Soursop does not have any of the terrible negative effects that chemotherapy has, it is a broad spectrum antibiotic and has antiparasitic and anti-fungal properties. Along with cancer, this fruit is able to treat things like nervous disorders, arthritis, high blood pressure, stress, and depression.

The contents of this fruit are able to inhibit the growth of cancer cells without bothering the activity of healthy cells. Unlike conventional cancer treatments that attack and destroy any cells in their path. In several laboratory studies, extracts from this fruit were able to kill some types of liver and breast cancer cells.

Do you think the pharmaceutical companies would want us knowing about something this amazing, anything that may reduce their profit is cast off as ‘fake.’ However, this is not fake, and you should definitely consider adding some soursop to your life. Big Pharma want you dead, please don’t let them win.

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