Does Drinking Alcohol Cause Cancer? The Answer Will Surprise You!

by Shelby

Drugs have certainly had their toll on not only the United States but the world as a whole. They have claimed the lives of many no doubt, but there’s a silent, legal killer in the shadows – alcohol.

Alcohol claims many more lives than you think. In fact, 88,000 people die every year because of alcohol. Also, according to a 2015 study, 26.9 percent of people 18 and over reported they had engaged in binge drinking in the last month. Scientists and researchers have been furthering their studies on how alcohol affects the body, and a new study is a groundbreaking. The study revealed that alcohol might even be causing cancer.

According to the American Cancer Society, even a few drinks per week can significantly increase the risk of breast cancer. Women with low folate levels tend to have a higher risk of breast cancer. It additionally affects the hormone levels in males. Because of this, the male who drink consistently might experience infertility and testicular failure. That’s not all either – one particular type of cancer, related to the consumption of alcohol is the colon cancer. According to the study published in the journal of Colon Cancer, 1 person out of 7, diagnosed with cancer was under 50.

Alcohol has certainly taken its toll on society. We are seeing more and more effects from this dangerous beverage every day. If you know someone who is a heavy drinker, warn them it could cause cancer.

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