Combining Multiple Childhood Vaccines in One Visit is NOT Safe

by Shelby

Everyone with kids knows how it goes, vaccines at two months, four months and so forth. However, should we really be letting our children get so many vaccines at one time?

Doctors, of course, will not disclose all of the risks that have been documented associated with the things being injected into your beautiful new bundle of joy. While you would assume your doctor would be someone you could trust with your babies health that is often not the case. There are many childhood vaccines that have not even been safety tested at all.

Most of the time when we take our children in for vaccines they get several at a time, this is not safe. According to medical research journalist Neil Z. Miller, there have been around 500,000 reports of adverse events that have occurred because of this. His study showed that infants who received several vaccines concurrently were significantly more likely to be hospitalized than infants who received fewer vaccines simultaneously.

It was also shown that the adverse effects associated were more likely to lead to death in younger infants because of this vaccination schedule. Infants who received five or more vaccines concurrently showed almost six percent fatalities. This is a lot when compared to the three percent of those who received less than four at a time.

If you are a new mom or have recently had or will be having another child please take this into consideration. If you feel like you must vaccinate please spread them out. It will be very beneficial to the overall health of your child.

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