Chinese Companies Are Mass Producing Plastic Rice! (And It Could Cause SERIOUS Health Problems)

by Shelby

China has been producing fake rice for a long time now and it is still on the market! This rice is being made with potatoes and even plastic!

Wuchang rice being the largest company in question. This rice is very popular due to its smell and it costs much more than other rice. This being said many people are not aware of the fake rice issue. One undercover journalist even said that they found out that in order to make the fake rice real rice is mixed into the plastic pieces and replicating fragrance is sprayed over the whole batch then shipped out.

It seems this company is making about nine million tons of fake rice. How can this go unnoticed? Eating three bowls of this rice is the equivalent to consuming a whole plastic bag! This can cause severe digestive issues and even death! Please watch the video below. It does not hurt to be informed!

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