Cancer Industry Exposed in Under 2000 Words

by Shelby

Originally published by Collective Evolution:

There are not many topics more chilling than the cancer industry. More Americans and people around the globe are being diagnosed with cancer more than ever. The disease is inevitable, but the consistency of cancer has some people really questioning the sincerity of the big cancer treatment corporations.

Cancer research has had a huge impact on what we know about the disease. Awareness of cancer has spread like wildfire, actually. Although a sensitive subject, there is something just not right about the disease treatment. Cancer has been discovered for quite some time now as the first evidence of cancer research dating back to 460-370 BC. That was quite sometime ago, and obviously, they did not have the resources we do in modern days, but virtually thousands of years of research and we still have no cure. Not only do we not have a cure, we also are still treating cancer with literal poison.

The most known treatment of cancer is known as Chemotherapy. Chemo is the use of drugs to stop or limit the growth of rapidly dividing cancer cells. It can be orally ingested or it can be directly injected into the bloodstream. Another common form of chemo is a direct placement into the abdomen where the drugs mostly affect cancer. Chemo has awful side effects, and the drug is known to attack healthy cells too. Obviously, there is going to be side effects of the destruction of healthy cells, like loss of immune system or hair loss.

People have donated millions to cancer research foundations! This is a great sign as it shows that we still have the world with good hearts, and that sense of hope should never be abandoned; however, there are some corporations who will take advantage of a good heart. There have been several different cases of fraud coming from some cancer research programs. The cancer industry brings in a hefty sum of 124.6 billion dollar worth. The Brooklyn-based national Leukemia Foundation has been shut down permanently. They claimed that their funds would be used to conduct cancer research and to locate bone marrow donors. Instead, the owners of the corporation benefited from hefty profits. It has been said that the program was a “sham Charity”. The Cancer Fund of America Inc. Has been accused of stealing over 200 million dollars. They do nothing, but make profit neglecting that people are desperately trying to find cures to save the life of a loved one.

Since these claims of the cancer industry and in addition to the harmful side effects of chemotherapy, people have sought alternative treatment for cancer. There are many foundations set up to do actual research on cancer cures, and they follow through with that. Not all cancer treatment is set up for profit. However, there are several different facilities overseas that have had incredible progress in alternatively treating cancer. Some of these facilities practice natural medicine, instead of injecting poisons into our body.

In modern day times, our people of all ages are sicker than ever. Approximately 1 out of every 2 Americans will eventually be diagnosed with cancer. This could be a product of the consumption of GMO’s or Vaccines containing harsh chemicals like Formaldehyde. Either way, the cancer research foundations of the world make incredible profits and show very little progress in the fight against cancer. People seeking alternative treatment are getting better results than the ones paying thousands of dollars to lead cancer treatment centers. It is the time that we wake up to the manipulation of our generosity, and take a stand. We need to fight for the discovery of natural cures for cancer, rather than pumping our bodies full of chemicals.

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