Amazing 80 Year Old Man With Terminal Cancer Walks Out Of Hospice After Cannabis Oil Treatment

by Shelby

The cancer industry is a trillion dollar money making nightmare. People are poisoning the ill in with things like chemotherapy and radiation based on the lie that it will make them better when in reality it is the reason they cannot get better.

These toxic means of medication do not boost any sort of long-term survival rate. Chemotherapy and radiation does not target specifically cancer cells. It targets healthy cells as well. This is something the cancer industry does not want you to know along with  the things in the image below.


There are other means to treat things like cancer that actally work, why spend all the money you have left trying to keep yourself alive for just a little longer when there are ways that actually work to cure you? Stan Rutner an 80 year old man and his wife have spent years battling cancer. Stan is a retired dentist with a mini-storage business. He was diagnosed with something known as non-Hodgkin lymphoma just 25 years ago.

After six painful months of standart treatment his cancer was in remission and he moved on with his life. However, in 2011 Stan was battling cancer again. It is not uncommon fo those who go through standard cance treatment methods to become sick more than once. Upon going to the doctor they found out this time he was dealing with the early stages or pneumonia and that he had some strange spots on his lung which ended up being cancerous nodes.

Stan’s final diagnosis was that he had stage four lung cancer and metastasis to the brain. Chemo and radiation treatments took a major toll on Stan and he was riddled with weight loss and fading away. On August 12, 201 Stan’s doctors gave him just weeks to live. Stan and his wife decided to try some alternative treatments as a means to ease his pain. After several different attempts with things like acuuncture and Reiki energy treatment they decided to give Cannabis a try.

According to Barb, Stan’s wife:

“Corinne (their daughter) and John were becoming interested in medicinal marijuana but we were concerned that Stan was wasting away. He had lost so much weight and so we were anxious to get his appetite improved and help him with the nausea. So Corinne suggested daytime cannabis capsule infused with coconut oil; they’re yellow capsules that he started taking. He started taking those in early November of 2011 and in the beginning, he took about a third of a capsule in the morning, and it was about a week or two later that he was able to give up the extra oxygen that he had had 24/7.”

With nothing left to lose Stan gave it a try. In just a few short weeks Stan’s health saw a complete turn around he began gaining weight, was getting stronger, and could finally sleep. He was able to ditch his walker and oxygen mask not long after. After a few months Stan went in for an MRI in order to check on his brain’s progress this was the results they got according to his wife:

 “On January 27, 2013 we received the results of Stan’s brain MRI in an email from his oncologist, stating simply: “IMPRESSION: No evidence of recurrent disease.” The lung cancer that had metastasized to his brain in the summer of 2011 (and nearly taken his life) was GONE! The doctor calls him a miracle man. We are deeply grateful to his “team” of doctors, friends and family, but we’ll always believe that cannabis turned the tide.”

This is truly an amazing story and one for the books. There are many marvelous stories out there regarding cannabis as treatment for cancer. This easily the best way to treat cancer, do not be fooled by the cancer industry they do not just want your money they want your life as well.

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