British Experts Find Cancer First Appears in Your Hands

by Shelby

Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases to sweep through our modern world, with the rates of the disease rising and medical professionals still working towards finding a cure. Believed to be encouraged by our fast-paced lifestyle of processed foods, environmental chemicals and high stress levels – nearly everyone knows of at least one person in their life who has had to face this disease.

The treatment process still remains incredible complicated, and VERY hard on the body. There are many patients who do go on to live happy, healthy lives, but only after procedures such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. In some cases, the treatment is harder on the body than the disease itself, and the further advances the disease is when caught, the harder the treatment required will be.

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It is for this reason that early detection is key! While there is a long list of different potential cancers, each with their own symptoms, British scientists are now pointing out that one symptom appears in the early stages of all cancers – and it can be seen in the hands!

These symptoms often present themselves in the form of cracks or swelling, along with a thickening of the skin of the hands. The hand become rough and harsh to the touch. While these are visible symptoms, it is important that you are familiar with your body as they may not be extremely obvious in the earliest stages!


Other early warning signs of cancer include:

Unexplained Weight Loss

If you have not made changes to your diet or lifestyle, and find that you are losing a significant amount of weight, this is often a sign of colon cancer or a host of other digestive diseases. It may also indicate a cancerous infection which is impacting your appetite and/or your body’s digestive system.


Frequent Fevers or Infections

Cancers like Leukemia cause the body to produce abnormal white blood cells, which then inhibits the healthy white blood cells from being able to fight against infections within the body. This may initially mimic flu-like symptoms, however they persist despite attempts to treat the flu.


Excessive and Continual Bleeding or Bruising

Never ignore the development of red spots on your face, or bruising on your chest, neck hands or fingers. These could be early warning signs of leukemia, caused by abnormal platelets and red blood cell activity.


Changes in Your Fingernails

Fingernails have long been found to be a great indicator of your overall health, revealing potential diseases, nutrient deficiencies, circulatory system concerns and more. If you find that there are dots under your nails and black or brown lines, these are all signs of skin cancer. White or pale nails generally indicate liver failure, which is a symptom of liver cancer.


Shortness of Breath or Wheezing

This is well recognized as the first signs of lung cancer, although it is often misdiagnosed an early indication of asthma. Watch for shortness of breath, wheezing, a sensation of tightness while breathing or difficult in breathing.


Difficulty Swallowing

When cancer is found in the areas of the throat or esophagus the cancer cells will have an impact on the delicate tissues that are found there. This will cause a difficulty in swallowing. This is also an early warning sign of lung cancer.


Chest Pains or Chronic Coughs

There are a number of cancers that have been found to initially present themselves in the form of pains in the chest area, chronic coughing or bronchitis, such as lung cancer and leukemia. The key point to remember when tracking these symptoms is that they either persist without letting up, or they will disappear and reappear in a series of repeating cycles.


Abdominal or Pelvic Pains

While pelvic pain may also be an indicator of other health concerns such as polycystic ovary syndrome or reproductive tract disorders, it is also an early warning sign for a variety of cancers in the abdominal area including ovarian cancer.


Rectal Bleeding or Blood in the Stool

As one of the first warning signs of colon cancer, you should always seek medical advice at the presence of blood in the stool! It may be nothing serious, but only a doctor can determine the cause.


Lumps in the Armpit, Neck or Groin

When there are changes to the lymphatic system (a common symptom of cancer) they generally present themselves as enlarged lymph nodes. This is a commonly discussed warning sign of breast cancer, with women being taught to self check for lumps, however in the armpit, groin or neck it could also be an early sign of leukemia.


If you experience any of the above signs, or have concerns for any reason, it is imperative that you seek medical assistance as soon as possible. A cancer diagnosis can only be confirmed by further testing, conducted by professionals.

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