Breakthrough! Berry From Rainforest Destroys Almost Ever Cancer Cell in 24 Hours

by Shelby

Organizers have spent over $109 million dollars on research on cures for cancer. However, researchers might have just found the cure! Through extractions of a rare berry from a rare Australian tree might be the key to curing millions of cancer patients. It could also be the end of the profiteering cancer treatment facilities too!

Australian scientists discovered the healing abilities of the Blushwood Berry. The are on the verge of a cancer cure with the seed of this amazing berry. It contains many different antioxidants and compounds that are cancer fighting. It has even shown to reduce the size of solid tumors! The tree only grows in north areas of Queensland Australia. Researchers are using an experimental drug that is sourced from the seed of the blushwood berry. The drug prototype is called EBC-46.

Qbiotics are the discoverers of the drug. They say that it is a small molecule with anticancer activity. It has been used as a local treatment of tumors of humans and companion animals such as dogs, cats, and horses. QBiotics plans to develop EBC-46 as a human pharmaceutical to Clinical Phase II and then seek a development partner for final development and marketing of the drug. They have demonstrated compelling proof to a concept of the efficiency of the drug. They successfully treated animals with tumors that were considered the be untreatable. They showed outstanding results and is likely to do the same in humans.

They treated different cancers with the drug. The drugs include skin cancers, head and neck cancers, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colorectal cancer. Before it can be studied in humans, it has to be evaluated. They have to test it for safety measures. It is currently in this process. This could certainly be the discovery of the century. Millions of people suffer from cancer across the globe, and modern treatment is almost as bad as the disease itself. The most common form of cancer treatment is chemotherapy. It has horrible side effects, that should be considered direct effects. We need EBC-46!

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