At The Age of 94, Betty White Reveals Her Secret to Staying Young

by Shelby

On January 17th Betty White will be turning 95 years old. However, she is still going strong with no implication of slowing down!

We are in awe of how lively this fantastic woman is. She has been going strong with her career for at least seventy-five whole years. Betty acts, writes, does radio shows, activism, and so many other incredible things. Betty recently has taken the time to shed some light on her secret to youthfulness.

During an interview with Al Roker, she revealed that hobbies have kept her young. Betty says that hobbies help tremendously when it comes to keeping a person energized. She says that every person should have a passion and should not be afraid to get hooked on something. This will give a person more energy. For Betty her most fulfilling hobby is her work with animals.

This makes sense because hobbies are known for enhancing your immune system, and improving flexibility as well as reduce stress. Having a hobby or multiple hobbies is something that gives you reason and it is something you enjoy to do. Betty has been full of energy this whole time if hobbies have done this to her I may need to pick up a few more myself!

Watch her interview with Al Roker below. She is so delightful to watch! This woman is truly inspiring. Thank you so much for the tips, Betty!

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