A Look Inside The Illegal Butt-Boosting Industry That Uses Bone Cement For Butt Lifts

by Shelby

If you take the time to stop at look at which celebrities are currently in the spotlight it will come as no surprise that big booties are a trend. Having a large rear is without a doubt one of the biggest sex symbols in this day and age.

However, it is terrifying the lengths women will go to get the look. A video of a butt-boosting clinic will show you just how far some will go and to be honest it’s pretty scary. According to police, women have flown around the world to get to this butt-boosting clinic in a grimy three-story house in one of Rio de Janeiro’s largest favelas. These women are eager to be injected with bone cement even thought it could potentially be lethal.

The clinic in which I am referring to was run by three women who had no medical experience what so ever and they were boosting the behinds of women who would come in by injecting bone cement into their rear ends. Using this for butt enhancements is something that is considered to be extremely risky and has been linked to quite a few deaths. The procedure itself has been banned in places like the UK and the US.

While the procedure itself is allowed in Brazil it is only allowed in amounts up to five milliliters, these women though were pumping up to 400 milliliters into each butt cheek of their patients. According to an undercover female police officer (the one who set up this sting operation), that is close to two hundred times the amount considered safe.

Shocking footage shows one woman being captured in the act of pumping these chemicals into one ladies rear end and for those who are not aware bone cement (methacrylate) is something that is used to set joints in place and define bone structures during reconstructive surgery, why anyone would want to use it to make their butt bigger is a huge question for me. Police told Dailymail that this is something the clinic would usually charge around $1,300 dollars for.

Suspects Irys Cabral Pierrout, Renata Pena, and Ana Paula Pequeno have been charged with administering illegal doses of bone cement. They were also charged with drug trafficking as officers found anesthetic that can only be obtained under prescription in their possession. The spy camera footage from this sting was released recently shows a lot of questionable actions on their part.

Something very serious could have happened there but thanks to the police it was shut down. The women who were running this clinic are facing up to 15 years of jail time. Who knows how many more clinics there are like this one out there. Take a look at some of the undercover footage in the video below.

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