8 Heart Symptoms that Prove You Need to See a Doctor Immediately

by Shelby

Our bodies are tough and fragile at the same time, each different component playing a crucial role in protecting itself. While strong when performing at its peak, if one simple building block is affected it can throw the whole process off.

Our bodies are a temple and we should always take care of it. It’s the only thing you really have your entire life, and you have to pay attention to its cries for help. The body has many different ways of letting you know something isn’t right. One of the most severe and lethal bodily malfunctions is a heart attack. A heart attack is a frightening and confusing health complication to experience, and life afterward isn’t so easy either. They are extremely sudden and catch you off guard. Time plays an essential role in recovery and survival.

Heart attacks come out of nowhere, but there are a few different ways that your body will let you know you’re in trouble. Our bodies are always looking out for themselves and if something doesn’t feel right, it means something. Everyday pain and symptoms are not normal, regardless of what pharmaceutical companies say. There are eight major symptoms that can alert you of a heart attack. They are vivid warning signs, and if you experience any of them you need to go to an emergency room immediately!

The Symptoms 

Indigestion, Heartburn, and Nausea

Indigestion can be a normal byproduct of consuming unhealthy food, but it can also let know that you’re having some cardiovascular issues. When these symptoms persist regularly it is an indicator of major issues.

Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety and confusion are prominent symptoms of a heart attack. This is because they decrease your oxygen levels, affecting your mood immediately.


Insomnia is another indicator of heart attack, also due to decreased oxygen levels. Before a heart attack, you will have an extremely difficult time going to sleep if it’s nighttime that is.

Unusual Sweating

Sweating more than you should mean you need to have your heart checked, especially if you’re not performing any physical activity. If this continues you should have a heart examination as soon as possible.

Excessive Fatigue

Because of the decreased oxygen levels fatigue is a major warning sign of a heart issue. If you are fatigued for days on end and can’t seem to pick up one leg after the other, you might have a weak heart.

Dizziness and Short of Breath

A weak heart has a very difficult time circulating the blood around the body. This results in a lack of breath, headaches, and dizziness. Women tend to feel these symptoms more than men.

Chest pain

Chest pain is the most prominent warning of a heart attack. No amount of chest pain is normal, go to the hospital immediately!

Aches and Pains

Aches and pains are normal every now and then, but constant aches and pains can also tell us that our hearts are malfunctioning.

Heart attacks are no health issue that you can ignore. It’s life or death, and prevention is the best medicine. Try to consume more heart healthy foods and decrease the amount of processed and fatty foods you eat!

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