70 Reasons Why You Should Always Have A Bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide at Home

by Shelby

Hydrogen peroxide is one of, if not the safest natural sanitizer. It is most commonly used as a disinfectant, but can be used for so much more.

If you don’t keep a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in your home after reading this, you will. Hydrogen peroxide is a germicidal agent made from just water and oxygen so it does no harm and is colorless. Now, pure hydrogen peroxide can explode when it is heated to its boiling point but when diluted this is nothing to worry about.

Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide At Home

  1. Eliminate Viruses- Just a few drops in the ear can reduce the duration of a cold or the flu.
  2. Get Rid Of Mold On Plants- Spray your plants down with three percent hydrogen peroxide.
  3. Treat Animal Wounds- Yes, this is safe for use on your pets. Dab the wound with this.
  4. Reduce Pesticide Residue On Fruit And Veggies- Soak them in a water/peroxide solution for about an hour to get rid of pesticide residue.
  5. Rid Your Home Of Airborne Germs- Combine a pint of three percent hydrogen peroxide with a gallon of water then put the solution into a humidifier. Let it run until the mixture is completely gone.
  6. Tooth Whitener- This is actually the active ingredient in most teeth whitening products. it works by oxygenating the surface of the teeth. Swish a little peroxide in your mouth after brushing each morning.
  7. Bleaching Your Nails- Sometimes our nails become an off-white or yellow color, this can be reversed. Dip your fingertips or toes into a bowl filled with three percent hydrogen peroxide for about five minutes. Your nails will be white within minutes.
  8. Bleach Your Hair- This is actually much safer than other bleaching agents and while it takes time can have the same effect if you are patient enough.
  9. Give Yourself Highlights- Spray some hydrogen peroxide on your hair while it is damp and let it work for about twenty minutes then rinse. Do this a few times and you will notice the difference.
  10. Rejuvenate Your Body- Soak in a bath with hydrogen peroxide. Simply add about two cups of thirty-five percent hydrogen peroxide to your tub and relax fo about an hour.
  11. Get Rid Of Your Stuffy Sinuses- Mix a cup of water with a cap of hydrogen peroxide and use it to unclog your sinuses.
  12. Get Rid Of A Toothache- Add a little bit of hydrogen peroxide to your coconut oil when oil pulling. This will kill off the bacteria causing the pain and alleviate the toothache.
  13. Get Rid Of A Yeast Infection- Rinse your vagina with a diluted mixture of this with water.
  14. Get Rid Of Canker Sores- Swish some hydrogen peroxide in your mouth for about fifteen minutes.
  15. Homemade Enema- One tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide to four cups of water.
  16. Keep Your Salad Fresh- Using food-grade hydrogen peroxide and half of a cup of water fill a small spray bottle and spray the contents onto your salad.
  17. Keep Veggies Fresh Longer- Soaking the veggies in peroxide also makes them stay fresh longer.
  18. Brighten Your Tablecloth- Wipe down the yellowish sections with a cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide.
  19. Clean Your Children’s Toys- Spray hydrogen peroxide on them and then wipe them down with a towel.
  20. Remove Stubborn Foods- Using a mix of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to scrub food spots will get rid of them quickly.
  21. Clean Your Fridge- Spray it down with hydrogen peroxide and leave it for five minutes, then wipe everything down.
  22. Wash Fruits- This will remove any dirt or germs.
  23. Disinfect Your Cutting Board- Spray the cutting board and then rinse after allowing it to sit for five minutes.
  24. Disinfect Sponges- Soaking the sponges in hot water with a bit of hydrogen peroxide mixed in for a half hour will disinfect them properly.
  25. Get Rid Of Armpit Stains- Apply two parts hydrogen peroxide one part dish detergent to the stains before washing them.
  26. Clean Your Mirror Properly- Spray it down and let it sit then wipe the hydrogen peroxide away.
  27. Kill Mites- Spray the mites with hydrogen peroxide and repeat as needed.
  28. Remove Wine Stains- Same as with armpit stains but allow it to sit before putting it to wash.
  29. Remove Collar Stains- Do this the same way as number 28.
  30. Get Rid Of Countertop Stains- Mix hydrogen peroxide with white flour in order to create a paste that can be applied directly on the stain. Let this sit overnight on the stain then clean up in the morning.
  31. Clean Your Kitchen Counter- Spray some diluted hydrogen peroxide onto the counter and let it sit, then wipe it off.
  32. Use It As A Glass Cleaner
  33. Clean Your Bathroom Tile- Follow the same method as number 31 unless dealing with a stain.
  34. Get Rid Of Mold In Your Home- Spray the mold directly.
  35. Spray Directly To Get Rid Of Soap Scum
  36. Use It As A Toilet Cleaner
  37. Whiten Gout- follow instructions on number 30.
  38. Put It In Your Humidifier To Clean It
  39. Freshen Shopping Bags By Spraying Them With It
  40. Clean Tile Surfaces- Follow instructions on number 31.
  41. Disinfect Your Lunchbox
  42. Eliminate Odors
  43. Improve Seed Germination- Soak your seeds in hydrogen peroxide before planting them.
  44. Remove Coffee Stains- Follow instructions on number 28.
  45. Clean Your Contact Lenses- Soak them in a diluted solution of this overnight to remove accumulated protein.
  46. Use As An All Purpose Cleaner
  47. Make Laundry Whiter- Add a cup to your wash.
  48. Use As Dishwasher Detergent- Mix with regular dishwasher detergent to make it last much longer.
  49. Emetic For Household Pets– Hydrogen peroxide can induce vomiting and when your pet has swallowed something they shouldn’t have this is the best way to get them to throw it back up.
  50. Get Rid Of Algae- 60ml of hydrogen peroxide for every 66 gallons of water.
  51. Control Fungus Growth In Your Aquarium
  52. Remove Stains From Clothing Pour Directly On Stain
  53. Disinfect Your Toothbrush
  54. Eliminate Foot Fungus By Soaking
  55. Eliminate Skin Mites By Spraying Onto Your Skin
  56. Get Rid Of An Ear Infection- Put about eight drops into the infected ear.
  57. Prevent Swimmers Ear- Add a few drops into your ears after swimming.
  58. Soften Calluses and Corns- Soak them in hydrogen peroxide.
  59. Get Rid Of Boils By Soaking In The Tub With Hydrogen Peroxide Added In
  60. Get Rid Of Acne- Mix a few tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide with apple cider vinegar and rinse your face with it.
  61. Use As Antiseptic Mouth Rinse
  62. Use To Disinfect Wounds
  63. Rinse Your Mouth To Eliminate Bad Breath
  64. Get Rid Of Built Up Ear Wax- Put a few drops in your ear and then allow it to drain out after a few minutes.
  65. Make Your Own Toothpaste- Mix hydrogen peroxide with baking soda.
  66. Use It As A Spray-On Deodorant
  67. Cover Your Roots- When your bleach blonde hair needs a root touch up bleaching it with hydrogen peroxide can helo.
  68. Clean Your Rugs- Spray hydrogen peroxide onto your rug and allow it to do the rest. Only do this on white or light colored carpets and rugs.
  69. Use It As An Alternative To Bleach
  70. Spray Your Shower Curtain With It To Keep It Clean

You may have already been doing some of these things, but did you know there were so many uses for hydrogen peroxide? The list of uses feels almost endless and will save you a ton of money on cleaners. Using hydrogen peroxide is cheap and effective. Enjoy!

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