7 Ways to Turn on Your Weight Loss Hormones

by Shelby

Losing weight can sometimes feel impossible, however, it is not. Sometimes your body just needs a push in the right direction.

Hormones are in charge when it comes to regulating your body weight. When it comes to kicking them into gear knowing what to do is essential. These are the seven best ways to get your weight loss hormones rolling


1. Breathe

Research has shown that by breathing through one nostril and covering the opposite nostril for 27 respiratory cycles repeated at least four times a day for one whole month will increase your resting metabolic oxygen consumption.


2. Get proper sleep

Leptin levels make you feel full and are dependent on you getting the correct amount of sleep. If you do not get six to eight hours of sleep a night your leptin levels will decrease and you will want to overeat in order to consume more energy to make up for the lack of rest you’ve been dealing with.


3. Do not skip breakfast

When you first wake up you are able to turn on your weight loss hormones by breaking your overnight fast and consuming breakfast.


4. Working towards building muscle mass

When it comes to weight loss the hormone responsible for bulking people up can also be used to reduce your weight. You don’t have to partake in an intense workout, just lift a little weight until you notice a slight soreness, this can be enough to get this hormone pumping.


5. Eat satisfying foods

We like some foods more than others. You will feel satisfied for much longer depending on what you are eating. Leptin can be activated much easier when you eat protein.

Increase your intake of these:

  • Milk (organic and hormone free milk to be exact)
  • Fish (wild-caught not farmed)
  • Nuts (almonds, peanuts, pistachios, etc)
  • Beans and legumes


6. Increase your levels of oxytocin

Oxytocin is a hormone that has been linked to the reduction of stress. It is released when we engage in activities that are relaxing and satisfying. This is great because stress causes serious issues for those who aim to eat healthily. Stress can make you overeat or crave the wrong things.


7. Cut back on your sugar intake

Insulin is a hormone that pulls all of our excess sugar out of our bloodstream while digesting and when it is overworked you are increasing your risks of developing diabetes. If you eliminate extra sugars from your diet you will be able to lose weight much easier and gain muscle mass.

When you pair these things with daily exercise and the proper diet you will be able to lose weight in a flash. Your bad habits really can take a huge toll on your health. Improve yourself and you will improve your health.

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