7 Foods That Relieve Knee Pain

by Shelby

Knee pain is one of the most frustrating aches you can experience. Knee pain radiates throughout your entire leg, and it can seem impossible to get rid of.

Knee pain isn’t just a pain in your knees; it’s a pain in the rear end too. It gets in the way of your everyday life, making it extremely difficult to perform normal day to day activities. Knee pain can be caused by a lot of different things too. It can be direct damage to your knees, a lack of calcium under the kneecap, sciatic nerve pain, or even fibromyalgia. Curing your knee pain really depends on what the root cause of it is, but there are easier and healthier ways to treat it than taking drugs.

One of the most common methods of knee pain relief is by taking NSAID medications. NSAID stands for Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug. They are most commonly known by the name of Ibuprofen, and mostly everyone carelessly pops these on a day to day basis to relieve knee pain, but this is extremely dangerous for your liver, and other vital organs. Over the counter medication, prescription medication, it doesn’t make a difference; it’s all a horrible idea. Instead, treat your knee pain by incorporating these pain relieving foods in your diet!


Fish relieves knee pain because of its vitamin D content. It is a great treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, and the omega 3 fatty acids ease joint pain by blocking the chemical that causes pain in osteoporosis.


Oranges are fantastic for every part of your body. Studies show that replenishing your vitamin C levels can reduce your risk of developing osteoporosis.

Leafy Vegetables

Dark green leafy vegetables are wonderful for knee pain. Spinach contains lutein and zeaxanthin which are antioxidants that prevent joint pain and arthritis.


Almonds are a tasty snack and they also supply you with lots of vitamin and nutrients. Potassium deficiency can cause your knees to hurt, and almonds are packed full of it.


Ginger is a natural pain reliever because it so easily decreases inflammation. It can ease moderate to extreme pain while standing or walking.

Non-Fat Milk

Non-fat milk contains the essential calcium, which strengthens your bones. A proper source of calcium is required for healthy knees!


Bananas are another great source of calcium, which is essential for knee health.

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