6 Reasons Mountain Dew Is Terrible for You and Should Never Be Drunk Again

by Shelby

Soda pop might taste good, but that is the only good thing about it. Soda is virtually toxic for your body, and mountain dew is probably one of the worst.

It has been well established that soda is terrible for you. We know that major soda brands use a sugar substitute known as aspartame, and it causes tons of different diseases and health issues. There have even been many studies performed that have linked aspartame with cancer! Coca-cola is terrible, but mountain dew is horrible for you. If you’re still having trouble putting down the mountain dew, these 6 reasons should help.










It Increases Risk for Tooth Decay – Mountain dew is one of the most sugary drinks there is. It is terrible for your teeth, and even worse than Coca-cola. Mountain dew erodes your tooth enamel, which is necessary for protecting your teeth! Once you lose your enamel, your teeth are soon to follow.

It is Extremely Acidic – some acidic drinks like orange juice are good for you, however mountain dew’s acidity is ridiculous. On the ph scale, 7 is considered neutral. Water is sitting at a neutral 7 and anything less than 7 is considered to be acidic. Guess what mountain dew is? Mountain Dew is a 3.2 on the pH scale. This is another reason that mountain dew is terrible for your teeth.

It Disrupts Hormones and Even Causes Infertility – I know that is a broad statement, and someone had to consume a lot of mountain dew to prove this statement, however, it has been done. The cans of the soda are lined with BPA or plastic. It causes obesity, infertility, and disrupts hormones. It alters pancreatic beta cells that are associated with cardiovascular disease and thyroid dysfunction.

It Is Falsely Advertised – mountain dew was first advertised to be an energy drink or a drink that will give you superhuman like abilities when it comes to playing video games. I know, crazy that this marketing tool even worked. It doesn’t give you energy, but it sure will give you a sugar high – and a crash.

It causes Nerve Disorders – a study reported in 1997, published in the Journal of Toxicology stated that a nasty ingredient in mountain dew can cause some serious nerve disorders, skin lesions, and even memory loss. It is called bromine, and you don’t want any.

It Causes Obesity – because mountain dew is full of sugar and high fructose corn syrup, it is a huge cause of obesity. Soda industries put as many harmful substances in soda as they want just to save a few dollars. These chemicals are terrible for your health and they will certainly pack on the weight.

I would recommend all people to stray away from all soda’s. However, if you can’t give them all up, you should definitely give up mountain dew! It isn’t worth the health issues it brings along.

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