5 Things You Should Never Do After Eating

by Shelby

We all have a routine throughout the day. After dinner especially! What do you usually do after dinner? Whether you eat desert, smoke a cigarette, or take a nap, each one of these things can affect us differently.


There is something so satisfying about sleeping after a good meal, but it can affect our bodies in many different ways. When you lie down after a meal, the acid present in the stomach will enter your food pipes and burn them. It can also cause heartburn, which never feels very good.


You should never go for a walk after a long meal because it causes acid reflux and indigestion. However, it is considered healthy to take a ten-minute walk after half an hour of eating, because it helps to burn calories in a good way.

Drinking Tea


While tea does provide some benefits to the human body, it isn’t recommended to drink a glass of tea after a meal. This is because tea has certain elements which bind with iron present in the plant foods we are eating. As a result, it is never digested into our bodies. Women and children require a higher amount of iron, so it is especially recommended that they do not drink tea after a meal.


We all know that smoking is horrible for us. There are dozens of carcinogenic ingredients in cigarettes, they cause tons of health issues, and they smell bad. However, smoking is one of the first things a smoker does after they eat. While you shouldn’t smoke it all, you definitely shouldn’t do it after you eat! There are over 60 different types of cancer causing chemicals in cigarettes that can also make you nauseous or cause nicotine poisoning after a meal. 


Your body has to be able to maintain an internal temperature to digest food. However, when you take a shower all the heat is used in maintaining the body temperature, instead of digesting the food. If you need to shower after a meal, it is recommended that you wait at least thirty minutes.

One of the best things you can do after a meal is read a book, watch tv, or just chillax. Wait at least thirty minutes before engaging in any physical activity. Just relax and let your body do what it does best.

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