5 Reasons Why Flu Shots Are More Dangerous Than The Flu Itself

by Shelby

Many medical experts believe it is important to protect your families and yourselves from the flu vaccine itself. Getting the flu shot most likely will do much more harm than good.

As I am sure you may have noticed the main stream media and pharmaceutical industry push us each and every year in an effort to get everyone to conform by getting this vaccine. We are not informed of the adverse reactions or the toxins being injected into our bodies directly.

Reasons Why Flu Shots Are Dangerous:

  • The flu shot itself can make you sick- The vaccine introduces our bodies to the flu virus. This meaning rather than immunizing we are sensitizing. This is what makes people often children get sick after being vaccinated.
  • The shot itself can cause Alzheimer’s disease- Yes, evidence now suggests that the flu vaccine can actually cause Alzheimer’s. People who get vaccinated frequently are at a higher risk of developing this.
  • Flu vaccines contain many dangerous ingredients- Dangerous ingredients like mercury. Mercury toxicity can cause many things like cardiovascular disease, ADD, and respiratory issues among other things.
  • There is lack of evidence that young people benefit from it at all.
  • The people pushing this on us are making tons of money off of it.

The list really just keeps going on, there is no need for this vaccine. The flu vaccine does much more harm than good each and every year. For more information on flu shots and the dangerous ingredients found in them watch the videos below.

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