4 Things You Should Know About Losing Weight in The Face and Neck

by The Rebel Pharmacist

Did you suddenly find that you are carrying a little bit of extra weight on your face and neck area?  Don’t let it get you down, there are many easy solutions!

Stay hydrated

Hydration Is Key when it comes to almost any part of your body including weight on the body, face and neck. I am not talking about soda here; good old H2O is necessary! Inadequate intake of water can lead to bloating in the face, hands, ankles, and feet.

Ditch the additives

Put down the sugar and step away from the salt! Excessive consumption of things like this is linked to bloating, especially in the face! Want to try losing a bit of unneeded face weight, and ward off disease stop with the salt and sugar your body, and the mirror will thank you for it.

Sit straight up and do not slouch

Slouching allows your chin and neck muscles to grow weaker. As there is a greater risk of excess fat.

Targeted exercises!

Try different Neck, Cheek, and chin exercises! Put your thumbs at the back of the most fleshy places on the cheekbones. Use your fingertips to grab as much flesh as you can and pull it away from your face, and then using your cheek muscles draw it back on. Do this 20 times.

For a neck exercise, stretch your neck out by lifting your head from your chest and stretch your head as far as possible while looking at the ceiling, keep your mouth slightly open and feel the muscles in your neck tighten and stretch.

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