4 Nutrients That Prevent Fatal Heart Attacks That Nobody Talks About

by Shelby

A heart attack is a blockage of an artery that is a vital pathway for blood to be transported throughout the body. Even the idea of a possible heart attack is terrifying.

About fifteen percent of the people who have a heart attack here in America will actually die from it. Being aware of the causes and symptoms of a heart attack could be the only thing keeping you out of that fifteen percent. Heart attacks are not something that pop up out of nowhere. These things take buildup of damage over a few years before causing a heart attack.

The blood inside our body is not meant to stop flowing. Any sort of blockage is generally the result of damage to the wall of an artery. This type of thing can be caused by things like low antioxidants, inflammation, or free radicals. The only real way to make the possibility of having a heart attack less likely is living a good lifestyle and maintaining the proper diet. Getting the correct nutrients can benefit you in more ways than you will ever know.

Nutrients That Decrease The Likeliness Of A Heart Attack

  • Glutathione- This is sometimes referred to as the body’s master antioxidant. We have the capacity to make this ourselves within our cells. We produce this from homocysteine. Homocysteine is something that can damage arteries if it does not convert into glutathione. Taking supplements of this to help prevent damage from free radicals to your arteries is very beneficial.
  • PQQ- Pyrroloquinoline quinone is very similar to a vitamin but not quite a vitamin. It helps the body carry out a variety of different actions. PQQ can act as an antioxidant and scavenge free radicals that can cause damage to our arterial lining. PQQ has also been shown to lower the damage caused by a heart attack and if supplemented can help prevent one from arising.
  • CoQ10- Coenzyme Q10 is necessary for proper heart functioning. It is a fat-soluble antioxidant that helps to prevent cellular damage. Our production capabilities of this decline when we reach the age of thirty so we tend to need to rely on supplementation more.
  • B6- Without B6 your body will not be capable of converting homocysteine to glutathione. This means it is of the utmost importance to ensure you are getting the proper amount of B6. Some good sources of B6 are leafy green veggies, sea veggies, and whole grains.

Giving your body a little boost and protection can go a long way. A heart attack is something no one wants to go through so if prevention is possible why would you not at least try to prevent it? We should always try our best to do things that benefit our bodies in positive ways.

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