4 Children Killed after Pesticide Sprayed Under Home, 6 More Hospitalized

by Shelby

These days pesticides are on everything! It is way too often that we consume raw pesticide residue in many different foods. These toxic chemicals can have serious side effects. In fact, these 4 children were killed after their home was sprayed with pesticides.

You can find traces of pesticides in almost everything these days. It is in waters, food, makeup products, cleaners, and soaps! Pesticides are the only toxic substances released intentionally into our environment to kill living things. This includes substances that kill weeds (herbicides), insects (insecticides), fungus (fungicides), rodents (rodenticides), and others. The use of toxic pesticides to manage pest problems has become a common practice around the world. Pesticides are used almost everywhere — not only in agricultural fields, but also in homes, parks, schools, buildings, forests, and roads. It would actually take less time to tell you where you can’t find them, rather than where you can.

This week, four children aged seven to 17, were killed in Texas after the toxic gas phosphine reacted with water and the pesticide Aluminum Phosphide. Six others were also hospitalized, some in critical condition. Investigators believe that the phosphine gas was released when the pesticide Aluminum Phosphide was used as a fumigant to treat mice in the Amarillo home. The children lost are forever remembered. They are Felipe Balderas (7), Johnnie Balderas (9), Joshua Balderas (11), and Yasmeen Balderas (17). Emergency officials were sent to the site at about 5 am. One of the children died in the home, and three others died at the hospital.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for the family following the tragic incident. Please help them if you are able. We cannot imagine what they are going through.

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