10 Signs That a Deceased Loved One May Still be Nearby

by Shelby

The death of a loved one can be devastating, to say the least. However, there are many people who believe it is still possible to communicate with our loved ones even after they are dead.

Some people claim to have seen full on ghosts while others seem to simply find comfort in feeling the presence of their loved one. While of course, there is no scientific proof that we can communicate with our loved ones in the afterlife we should all be open to the idea of it.

When you think of a ‘deceased loved one’ who comes to mind? Do you ever feel like they are around you even now? These are the signs to look for, I have experienced these things firsthand and do believe they relate back to my grandmother. Give this list a look with an open mind and then decide what you think.

1. Catching a whiff of their scent


It is very common for people to report smelling the perfume or cologne of their deceased loved one.

2. Seeing animals and getting that feeling


If you notice a butterfly or any sort of animal and it seems to catch your eye more so than it usually would this could be your mind telling you there is something familiar about that specific animal. Lots of people believe that our loved ones make themselves known in the form of animals.

3. Feeling their touch


This can be scary at times but when you are alone and feel as if someone has touched you this could be a sign.

4. Sensing a change in the room (feeling them nearby)


Have you ever noticed the energy of a room change without reason? This could be because you may be in the presence of someone from the other side. Many people say that they can sense when someone is near.

5. Their favorite number comes up


Some people have said that they begin seeing very important numbers pop up all over the place. These numbers could be dates or even someone’s favorite number. Sure, you could dismiss this as a coincidence but it could also be something much deeper.

6. Strange electrical activity occurs


Have you ever noticed a flickering light or a television come on when it was off or turn off when it was on? This type of thing is frequently associated with deceased loved ones.

7. A specific song coming on at the perfect time


This is seen as a reminder that the person you lost is still beside you. Have you ever heard a sentimental song at the very moment you were thinking of someone you lost?

8. Objects being moved


People in many cases mention that they know for a fact they left something in a specific place and somehow it had been moved.

9. Dreaming about the deceased


Loved ones will often try to reach out to you when you are asleep. Have your post loved ones sent you comforting messages in your dreams?

10. Hearing their voice


Some people actually claim that they can hear the voice of their lost loved ones speaking to them. They speak to these people through their minds and it is actually something known as clairaudience.

Regardless of your beliefs, I’m sure you will agree that knowing your loved one is still watching over you would be comforting. Whether these lost loved ones are still here or they are long gone is a mystery to us all. However, when things like this happen questions will always come up. Have you ever experienced a loved one trying to contact you after death and what do you think on this?

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