10 Foods From China That Are Filled With Pesticides, Plastic, and Cancer-Causing Chemicals

by Shelby

We are well aware of the fake plastic rice being made by China and added to real rice yet for some reason they are still being allowed to do it. Why is that?

In case you did not know even tiny amounts of plastic can be terrible for our digestive system as well as our hormones. You see, the chemical in plastic known as BPA mimics the hormone estrogen which reaches sky high levels when we ingest BPA. Eating this plastic rice is like asking for death from breast cancer.

There are lots of things to take into consideration when purchasing food that comes from China. Firstly, you do not know what is happening to the product during shipping, China is on the other side of the world. We also are well aware of the fact that Chinese companies make things as cheap and as ‘fake’ as possible which is very dangerous.

Rice is not the only ‘fake’ or ‘toxic’ food we get from China. Below is a list of foods you should without a doubt avoid that come from China:

Tilapia Fish

China fish-farms tilapia and this is one of the most toxic unhealthy fish you could possibly ingest. They live in small pools of waste water. Tilapia is easily one of the worst types of fish to eat. However, here in the United States this is a common meal choice.

Chinese Apple Juice

Apple juice from China makes up at least fifty percent of all apple juice sold in the United States. This is not good as China has not addressed the use of pesticides or chemicals on foods and does nothing to remove or prevent the residue.

Cod Fish

Fish farms are awful no matter how you look at them. Cod fish are almost on the same level as tilapia. They also live in their own waste in small pools. Sadly, Chinese cod fish make up around fifty percent of the cod fish sold here in the United States.

Chinese Garlic

This is one of the foods found contaminated frequently by the US inspectors. These garlic’s coming from China are sprayed with many different chemicals and leave quite the aftertaste.

Processed Chinese Mushrooms

Some Chinese companies go so far as to label these mushrooms organic in order to get a better market on them. Some mushrooms coming from China are even one hundred percent fake. These are often referred to as mystery mushrooms. Be sure to check the source of the mushroom before buying or ingesting.

Plastic Rice

As I mentioned above fake rice coming in from China is a big issue. This fake rice is said to be made from synthetic resin and potatoes. You cannot cook this fake rice like you do real rice and it stays hard overall. This can and will cause cancer if something is not done about it now.

Chinese Chicken

The quality of chicken coming from China is questionable at best. There are a lot of common food-borne illnesses in China and it is itself highly polluted.

Industrial Chinese Salt

Industrial salt is not adequate for eating yet it is being sold as table salt. This has been going on for thirteen years or longer. Ingesting industrial salt can lead to things like reproductive system issues and mental issues.

Chinese Black Pepper (MUD!)

Yes, Chinese companies sell mud as black pepper. They also sell flour as white pepper.

Chinese Green Peas

Discovered back in 2005 it came to light that some manufacturers were using soy beans, snow peas, and green dye (as well as chemicals) to make fake green peas. The green dye that was and still could be being used is banned from use here and is considered a cancer-causing ingredient. It prevents your body from being able to absorb calcium.

Chinese Baby Formula

While not as common as the others listed above even baby formula from China is not safe. They lack essential nutrients and are made with chalk. Formula from China has been linked with a disease known as ‘big head disease,’ something that causes the baby’s head to grow quicker than its body at an accelerated rate.

However, this nightmare doesn’t stop. There are many other foods and products coming from China that are not safe. You, your family, and your pets are at risk when ingesting Chinese products. Recently many pets here in the United States have even been affected to the point of dying due to toxins found in treats and toys. Something needs to be done. If China is not going to clean up their products we do not need to allow the presence of their products to remain in our country.

If you cannot find the source of something chances are it came from China. Don’t risk it, your body deserves better than that. For a little more information and even more examples of fake foods coming from china please watch the video below.

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