70% of US Apple Juice Comes From China and Laced With Arsenic

by Shelby

Almost all of our apple juice comes from China, in the past two years apple juice concentrate from China has been over-running our markets here in the US.

Over 70% of the apple juice consumed here in the US comes from the People’s Republic of China, this is important because the government has acknowledged that there is a problem enforcing food safety laws there. After doing tests on dozens of samples from three different cities here in the United States, Dr. OZ has discovered that some of the best juice brands here contain Arsenic!

Yet, for some reason, the FDA is allowing us to drink this? It has been revealed that the levels report up to 35 parts per billion! Motts nor the FDA have commented on this issue. Seems we have driven all the local farmers out of business for cheap arsenic infested apple juice from China. Watch the video below for more information.

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