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Alzheimer’s Disease Fueled by Gut Bacteria New Study Finds

in Video February 13, 2017

A link has been found between intestinal bacteria and Alzheimer’s disease. What does this mean exactly? Well, Swedish researchers from Lund University have found that some types of gut bacteria were the cause of accelerating the onset of Alzheimer’s. These researchers studied both healthy mice and mice who had Alzheimer’s. They put both gut bacteria from […]

Men Who Marry Smart Women Live Longer

in Health January 27, 2017

When thinking about who you want to spend your life with do you consider their brains? If you don’t then maybe you should! New research has brought about the idea that having a brainy lady by your side might extend your life and help protect you from dementia. Professor Lawrence Whalley from the University of […]

10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s

in Health August 20, 2016

As we age, we all experience loss of memory and cognitive function, but how exactly to we tell the difference between the normal signs of aging and mental disease? While we all may experience signs of this condition at one point or another in our life, if you are concerned, and experience various symptoms, you […]