How to Make the Perfect Green Smoothie

in Food, Health April 8, 2016

Green Juices and smoothies are all the rage in the health world, but if you are looking to buy one every day you will be spending a pretty penny. These options will give you the perfect green smoothie for half the cost. Eating a huge variety of fresh produce, especially green vegetables are important for […]

Easy Carnivore Approved Vegan Nacho Cheeze

in Food April 6, 2016

Vegans and cheese lovers alike will marvel at this amazing nacho ‘CHEEZE’. After you make it once, you will be obsessed forever, all the flavor you love without all the fat and cholesterol. This will be your new food addiction, and it is so much better than the real thing. It has all the cheese […]

13 Common Foods That Should Never Be Refrigerated

in Food, Home April 6, 2016

Refrigerators are an amazing tool, but I think people get a little too used to the idea of having one sometimes. There are a lot of things you have probably been refrigerating your whole life that you should not be. Certain foods will maintain flavor and freshness best if not subjected to cold, condensed air. […]

Easy 5-Ingredient Vegan Sweet Potato Brownies

in Food April 5, 2016

Baking foods and sweet treats are two of my favorite things, but let’s face it sweet treats are not always great for the waist line. With these sweet potato brownies that is not something you have to worry about, they are a great healthy alternative to an originally fatty treat. The great part about these […]

Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Coconut Macadamia Energy Balls

in Food April 4, 2016

My sweet tooth is unbearable sometimes, but I don’t like to keep preservative and chemical filled treats in my cabinet. I do like to keep little guilt free homemade treats around, though, and lately, these coconut energy balls have been what I am craving! If you love coconut and macadamia nuts then you are going […]

7 Delicious Ways to Enjoy a Guilt Free Breakfast

in Food March 31, 2016

Healthy eating seems to be a thing of the past with the lifestyle that people lead in today’s world. A world of convenience and fast food, but does it have to be that way; start with breakfast! Whether you are an intellect, an athlete, a basket case, a princess or a criminal, you have got […]