Yuck! McDonalds Finally Admits What’s In Their Food!

by The Rebel Pharmacist

The Fast food giant has responded to the mounting public skepticism about the quality of their food by launching a PR campaign titled “Our Food. Your Questions.” McDonald’s gave ABC News access to one of their food processing plants.

“We’re starting on a journey called ‘Our Food. Your Questions,’ and we want to open up the doors and let our customers ask us any questions they have, and give them answers,” said company director of quality systems Rickette Collins in an interview with Good Morning America.

And while they still deny using the infamous pink slime in their food, they have openly admitted to using a chemical additive called azodicarbonamide in their buns. Do you know what azodicarbonamide is used for? It is most commonly used in the manufacturing of yoga mats. Mmmmm that sounds delicious…

They actually claim that using this chemical in their food is completely safe for consumption:

“There are varied uses for azodicarbonamide, including in some non-food products, such as yoga mats. As a result, some people have suggested our food contains rubber or plastic, or that the ingredient is unsafe. It’s simply not the case. Think of salt: the salt you use in your food at home is a variation of the salt you may use to de-ice your sidewalk. The same is true of ADA — it can be used in different ways.”

They also admit to using dimethylpolysiloxane as an anti-foaming agent in their McNugget frying oil.

McDonald’s hopes that this hoax of a campaign will win back many customers who have ditched them in recent years for restaurants like Chipotle and Panera. Maybe if they start using actual ingredients in their food they will win back the customers that they desire.

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