Worms Invade Human Brain Eating This Common Food

by The Rebel Pharmacist

Pork is one the most consumed foods in the United States; Bacon, sausage, and pork chops. But, what you didn’t know while you were consuming your daily ration of bacon is that one of the most common form of brain tapeworm is pork tapeworm, Taenia solium.

Once consumed they can move throughout your entire body; your eyes, tissue and most commonly the brain. You can get the parasite by eating undercooked meat from infected pigs. The second, the larval form is contracted through contact with the feces of an infected pig or human, which can go on to infect many tissues.

If you have seen videos of the awful standards of factory pig farms then this news should come as no surprise to you.

In one recent case, an Arizona woman named Dawn Becerra and her doctors believe she contracted a parasite, when she ate a pork taco on a recent visit to Mexico. This resulted in a 6 hour surgery to remove the worm from her brain. She said she was feeling ill for three weeks after eating that one taco, soon after she began to suffer from violent seizures. Later, doctors determined she had a parasitic worm worm in her brain and it had caused neurocysticercosis, a lesion in her brain.

Poor sanitation allows the worm to spread. It can be transmitted by infected food prepared by someone who has not followed proper sanitation procedures after coming in contact with the creatures eggs, which can be present in human feces.

Scary thought, that you could be eating pork that actually has worms in it that can invade your brain. I personally will stay away from Pork. What about you?

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