Which Foods Should You Cut to Fight Inflammation

by Shelby

Responsible for many common diseases, such as arthritis, many American battle the effects of inflammation each day. While it is not a topic we generally consider until it impacts us directly, would it not be better to avoid the problem all together than to being researching solutions after the symptoms set in?

Inflammation is a natural process in the body in which the body’s white blood cells and substances that they produce act to protect us from infection from foreign organisms such as viruses and bacteria. In some situations, such as with arthritis, the body’s defense system is getting mixed messages, triggering it to respond when there are no foreign organisms to fend off. This results in the immune system causing damage to its own tissues.

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The good news is that there are steps that you can take to minimize irritation, control current inflammation or reduce the chances of dealing with inflammation all together.

If you are already battling chronic inflammation there are several all natural ways to manage your condition, including natural foods that contact anti-inflammatory properties. Some of the foods found to be most effective include:

Coconut Oil: Effective whether you are ingesting the oil raw, or using it in food preparation, as the nutrients are not destroyed while cooked, coconut oil is found to have many health benefits including reducing the effects of chronic inflammation.

Cayenne Peppers: Cayenne peppers contain capsaicin, which is an anti-inflammatory agent.

Ginger: Used in many ways, each with its own medicinal purposes, it is the root of the ginger plant that proves to be effective when managing this condition, as it contains significant anti-inflammatory properties.

Fish: Fish will help you to manage your symptoms in two different, key ways. First, it contains natural anti-inflammatory properties to help manage the condition. Second, it is known to encourage the body to produce higher levels of pain relieving hormones to provide quick relief.


Cut These 3 Causes of Chronic Inflammation from Your Diet:

  1. Fried Foods

There are many reasons, from a health perspective, that you should consider reducing the amount of deep fried foods in your diet, however few people are aware of the role they play in promoting inflammation! The oils used when frying foods have already been stripped of their nutrients, any possible remnants having been destroyed in the heat used to fry your foods, leaving behind a toxin that has been found to cause inflammation in the body.


  1. Processed Foods and Drinks

The steps taken to process foods has the same impact on these items as the oils referenced above, stripping them of their nutrients, leaving behind toxins and chemicals that are of no benefit to the body. Pre-packaged pastries, processed soups and carbonated beverages are among the biggest culprits.


  1. Allergy Triggering Foods

Triggering food allergies impacts the way in which your body functions, and can in turn trigger the steps that lead to chronic inflammation. While some of the more common allergens are hard to avoid, it is important that you take the time to read food packaging to ensure that you are familiar with what you are eating! Take note of any, and all, food allergies that you experience, regardless of how severe the reactions may be, as even a minor allergy can trigger inflammation in the body.


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