Which Egg Do You Think Came From a Healthy Chicken?

by Shelby

It can be difficult to know whether or not you are eating healthy food in the modern day world. In the old times you could just eat veggies and wholesome natural ingredients, but today even those are corrupted.

One of the most common and favorite foods among Americans are eggs. Eggs are an excellent breakfast food and a great way to start off the day. However, it can be hard to tell what eggs are good eggs nowadays. There are factory chickens that are packed full of toxic antibiotics and preservatives. They are more artificial than real and that’s exactly the opposite of what you want. Artificial foods and eggs treated with antibiotics and additives can be toxic for your body.

In the photo above you can see three different eggs; the first one has a dark orange color, the second has a yellow color, and the third has a light orange color. It might seem like a small difference, but this can actually indicate whether or not you are eating a healthy egg. Which one do you think came from a healthy chicken?

The first egg that has the dark orange yolk comes from the healthiest egg. This yolk comes right from a chicken farm where they get the ingredients they need in order to sustain a healthy egg. They are kept in a pasture or field, not a dark room with thousands of other caged chickens. They need sunlight and grass insects, not darkness and spiders.

The second egg was bought from a supermarket. It comes from a factory full of chickens in bad living conditions. Instead of thriving in a grassy pasture and eating crickets and other bugs, they are kept in a dark room to eat spiders and GMO grains.

When you’re buying eggs you’re going to want to look for those with a dark orange yolk. It shows that they came from an appropriate living facility with the correct nutrition and exposure!

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