What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Pink Himalayan Salt

by Shelby

How does Himalayan salt benefit our bodies more than sea salt or table salt? What should we know about Himalayan salt?

Himalayan crystal salt is amazing in more ways than you’d think. Over 200 million yeas ago there were actually crystallized sea salt beds covered with lava. They were then over time enveloped with snow and ice for ages. Somehow this salt managed to stay preserved. The Himalayan mountains pass through Asia located in countries including; China, Nepal, Myanmar, Pakistan, Afganistan, Bhutan, and India.

This salt contains the same trace minerals and elements that can be found in the human body. Some of these minerals include things like sodium chloride, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and so forth. This salt is less refined and has less sodium per serving than regular table salt. We are also able to collect these minerals easily as they are found in colloidal form.

When consuming Himalayan salt we are obtaining a plethora of benefits. Himalayan salt can aid in vascular health, reducing signs of aging, reduce insomnia issues, prevent muscle cramps, promote a healthy pH balance, and improve circulation throughout your body. When compared to other salts they just do not seem up to par. Sea salt as you may have noticed is becoming increasingly processed and table salt is already an overly processed disaster.

Table salt has been stripped of almost all the beneficial minerals we would be obtaining from it. It is bleached and cleaned with chemicals then processed further. It contains iodine that is almost so synthetic that our bodies have difficulty processing it. Table salt would not be nearly as bad for us as it is without all of this unnecessary processing. You can use Himalayan salt for a large number of things some of which have nothing to do with eating.

You can use Himalayan salt for a large number of things some of which have nothing to do with eating. You can bathe with it to detoxify your body, air purification, and so much more. Adding this salt into your life in place of table salt will provide you will everything you have been missing out on. Your body will thank you.

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