What Does the Shape of Your Butt Reveal About Your Health?

by Shelby

Butts have been gathering a great deal of attention in the media these days, with a new celebrity butt causing a buzz each week. We analyze how they look, how to lose the excess fat and what we should wear, but did you know that you butt might also have something to say about your health?

While some people believe that fat storage in the body is a sign of poor health, this isn’t true. The important thing to note is where the fat is being stored. The location of fat storage on the body can reveal a great deal about your health. For example, if you are carrying more fat in the chest area, or in your ‘trunk’, this might be a sign of poor health, whereas excess fat in the butt and hips is generally not signalling anything as alarming.

butt, butt shape, health indicator of butt shape

Our body is like a giant mechanical system, aware of how to best function to protect itself. Fat located in the hip area will keep the harmful fatty acids from reaching vital organs such as the liver and the heart. In this way, fat located in the hips actually protects the body from heart diseases and diabetes.

Having a larger fat storage in the butt will require a higher level of Omega-3 fats, which have been linked to positive brain development. Wouldn’t that stand to reason that people with bigger butts may have a higher intelligence?

Whether your butt is large and in charge or not, the important thing to understand in order to read the queue that your body is giving you in relation to your overall health is the actual shape of your butt. There are four recognized butt shapes; Square ‘H’ shaped, Round ‘O’ Shaped, Heart ‘A’ Shaped and Inverted ‘V’ Shaped. Don’t be alarmed if you feel as though you don’t’ perfectly fit into one of these labels, simply find the one that looks closest to your natural shape, and then read on to learn what that may indicate about your health:


Square Shaped

butt, butt shape, health indicator of butt shape

Having a square shaped butt may mean that you are doing exercises at this time, however you still do not have the hard butt that you are working towards. It may also indicate a fat storage in the area just above the butt. The good news is that this means you are distributing your weight evenly, and even weight distribution is an indicator of a healthy heart! A few simple exercises can help you to finish toning your butt up so that your muscles in that area both look and feel stronger!


Circle Shaped

butt, butt shape, health indicator of butt shape

A circular shaped butt reveals that you are storing most of your fat in the upper parts of your glutes. Like the previous description of fat stored in the hips protecting the body, fat stored in this area of the butt will protect your heart, arteries and living from the dangerous fatty acids.


Heart Shaped

butt, butt shape, health indicator of butt shape

The heart shaped butt is the butt that most women dream of attaining due to its aesthetic appeal, however this may not be the healthiest shape of butt for you to strive for! If you have a heart shaped but you may find that you are also storing some unwanted fat in your upper body. As you age, your butt is going to change shape, and the fat may migrate upwards, closer to your essential organs and as such it will be less effective to protect them from the fatty acids. The best advice is to work on getting rid of the excess fat now, before it has a chance to move, so that you can avoid potential health problems later in life.


V Shaped

butt, butt shape, health indicator of butt shape

This is a shape that is extremely common among aging women, as it is a sign of smaller concentrations of estrogen within the body. At this stage, the fat from the butt area has already begun to move to other areas of the body. Doctors recommend that you work on burning the extra fat before it can cause you any problems. Consume a healthy diet, and add some exercises into your daily routine. Your heart will thank you!


Check Out These Exercises

The good news is that all butt shapes can be improved upon with some key workouts. Check out this great 5-minute butt and thigh routine from FitnessBlender.com!

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