Watch How Canola Oil Is Made (Terrifying!)

by Shelby

Despite the marketing propaganda you have all been fed that claims that canola oil is healthy, canola oil is not a healthy oil. Once you watch this short video showing you the truth of how it is made, you will never purchase it again!

Here is how Canola Oil is made:

Companies spend tons of money in order to deceive the consumer. Canola oil for example, is marketed as one of the healthiest oils you can buy, but it is not! Canola oil is terrible! You see while olive oil comes from olives and avocado oil comes from avocados canola itself does not come from canola seeds.

Canola oil actually comes from the rapeseed plant. This rapeseed oil was used as a lubricant in its early days and was not considered edible, but back in 1995 Monsanto figured out a way to genetically modify rapeseed oil into something that would be considered edible. The results were called canola oil.

Canola oil is a genetically modified product and this can result in many different health issues. Things like:

  • kidney disruption
  • liver disruption
  • heart damage
  • retardation of growth (this is why it’s ILLEGAL to use canola oil in infant formulas!)

Yes, canola oil can increase your risks of developing cancer greatly! This is because when canola oil is heated (say when cooking) free radicals are released this causes cancer cell mutation. Canola oil also plays a big role in keeping cancer cell strong since the cancer cells tend to feed off of the oleic acid in the canola oil! When you look at it this way there is no reason as to why anyone should be using canola oil.

What should I use instead?

  • coconut oil
  • avocado oil
  • olive oil
  • palm oil

Watch the video below for more knowledge on the issues!

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