This Will Make Your Clothes Bright White And Fresh Like Spring. No Toxins, Cheap And Easy!

by The Rebel Pharmacist

Conventional laundry products usually contain toxic chemicals that can harm you and the environment. There really is no need to use these products, you have something at home that can solve all of your laundry problems for you!

Most people hate doing laundry; it can be boring, exhausting, and most of the time those stubborn stains just will not go away. And it is pretty hard to find a nice detergent that does not cost a fortune.

Well, good news, things are about to change! One ingredient can solve all your laundry problems, minus the boring and exhausting part. Just add a little vinegar in with your laundry.

Here are some Great Ways to Use White Vinegar for Laundry:

  1. Pour half a cup of white vinegar on your clothes before you put them in the washing machine. White vinegar will increase the power of your laundry detergent, protect the color of your clothes, and reduce any soapy residue after washing.
  2. It can be used in place of fabric softener. Pour it in the designated compartment of your washing machine. White vinegar will provide the same effects. The only difference is you won’t be getting any harmful chemicals. Don’t worry, it does not leave a smell.
  3. White vinegar will help remove deodorant and sweat stains from clothes.
  4. White Vinegar neutralizes unpleasant smells like smoke.
  5. Use vinegar to clean and descale your washing machine.
  6. Soak your dirty clothes in vinegar solution to get out stubborn stains. Combine hot water and half a cup of vinegar. Let your clothes soak overnight, and wash them as usual. You can also spray stubborn stains with undiluted vinegar, and rub carefully to get the stain out.

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