This Video Will Show You How McDonald’s French Fries Are Made, And Why You Should Never Eat Them Again

by Shelby

You can’t deny the convenience of fast food on a busy day. Sometimes it can seem like the only option if you’re caught up in today’s hustle and bustle. 

McDonald’s is one of the largest fast food chains in the world. They are extremely popular and bring in billions of dollars in revenue each year. How? Well, they’re manipulating your health to profit off of you. Their products have been known to contain harmful chemicals and byproducts. But you might have underestimated how much worse it has gotten – until you see this video.

A TV personality star, Grant Imahara visited the manufacturers of the McDonald’s French fries. What he found wasn’t too yummy. As he stands next to a conveyor belt, he says, “I know what you’re thinking, these look like regular potatoes. But are they really potatoes?”

He describes the process in which the French fries are made and it’s unbelievable that they’re even able to be consumed by people. After being peeled and cut into fry shapes, they are dipped in dextrose, doused in sodium acid pyrophosphate, heated, and then topped off by a trip to the freezer. It’s disgusting!

Before you think about whipping through the McDonald’s drive through, think twice. Is putting your health at risk worth some French fries and a Big Mac?

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