This Simple Trick Can Help You Heal Your Canker Sores in Minutes!

by Shelby

Canker sores are not only unsightly, they are also painful and downright annoying sores that occur in the mouth. Thankfully, the cure is much easier than many would believe, and it’s probable that you have it within arms reach.

Canker sores or mouth ulcers affect your gumline, your tongue, the insides of your lips and your cheeks. Typically, when you have one, you will notice a white or yellow sore that is surrounded by inflammation. On average, they appear to be about a centimeter, however, they can be much larger.

There are a number of reasons behind a canker sore, but sometimes, they can appear out of nowhere, with no sign of how they came to be. In most cases, they are caused by eating or drinking highly acidic food or drink. Anything citrus or fruity can leave behind acidic residue which eats the lining of your mouth. In other cases, they can be caused by simply brushing too hard or by biting down on the skin in your mouth.

Rarely, they can also be caused by having too much acid in the stomach, or by having a deficiency in vitamin B12, folic acid, iron or zinc. 

Thankfully, curing them is quite easy, and inexpensive. While it may seem odd, Himalayan pink sea salt makes a wonderful mouthwash that can provide a number of benefits. Due to its classification as an isotonic solution, it contains minerals that are also found inside of your body. It is because of this that it won’t further the inflammation as it rids your mouth of bacteria and infection.

Simply purchase some high-quality Himalayan sea salt at your local grocery store, and measure out a half of a teaspoon. Then add this to one cup of warm water. Gargle it as you would your normal mouthwash about three times per day. Within a few days, the sore will be gone.

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