This Simple Tip For Spotting Cancer Could Save Your Life!

by Shelby

Being someone who has grown up with an unsightly mole I have noticed more and more people with them. This isn’t a bad thing but it is definitely something we should keep an eye on as our moles can be cancerous.


Our moles or ‘growths’ as some people call them can grow on literally any part of our skin. This happens when our cells grow in a cluster rather than being spread out through our skin. These cells are supposed to give our skin their color. Moles are oftentimes perfectly harmless however sometimes they can be cancerous. Skin cancer is known as melanoma. If you look closely sometimes ou can even see the difference in a normal mole and a cancerous one.


Here are some signs to be on the look out for:

  • Color (A mole that has multiple colors is more likely to be cancerous.)
  • Asymmetry (If a mole is not cancerous usually it will be the same on both sides if you were to draw a line through it.)
  • Border (A mole that is not cancerous usually has smooth even borders all the way around its outside.)
  • Evolving (If your mole is changing in shape size or even color you need to get it checked out.)
  • Dimensions (If your mole is more than six millimeters that could be a red flag.)
  • Sores (If you have a sore on your mole that just won’t heal that could be cancerous.)
  • Look for redness or swelling
  • Pain is also another red flag this being one of the biggest red flags.

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