This Simple Remedy Cures Headaches Better Than Any Drug I’ve Tried

by Shelby

Headaches are awful and annoying, as someone who has been plagued with them my whole life I know first hand. However, this remedy actually works!

Migraines and headaches are often accompanied by things like aching, throbbing, and pounding pain. For me and a lot of other people, this can and does lead to nausea, vomiting, and light sensitivity. People often go straight for the bottle of Tylenol when they feel a headache coming on but that is not a good thing in any way. When it comes to headaches there are natural remedies that do work. I used to overuse Tylenol myself until I found this remedy.

Unlike commercial pain relievers, this remedy has no adverse effects and works much more effectively. Commercial pain relievers often cause things like kidney issues, upset stomach, nausea, liver damage, and stomach ulcers. This remedy only calls for three ingredients and takes less than five minutes to make.

Headache Remedy



  •  Squeeze the juice from the lemons into a glass of water.
  • Mix the salt into this and stir well.
  • Drink right away

You will begin to feel the effects from this within minutes. This remedy works wonders on my headaches. As soon as I feel one coming on I do this. Enjoy!

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