This Piercing Is Changing Lives The Reason? Genius!

by Shelby

Many people get tattoos and piercings as a fashion statement, or to accentuate their personal style. But if you have migraines then you might want to look into getting this piercing for medical reasons.

Oftentimes piercings are just for pure cosmetic pleasure, but recently the ‘Daith’ has become quite a trend, not because it looks cool but because it can cure migraine problems! The daith piercing helps with one’s migraines by stimulating nerves below the skin inside the ears inner cartilage fold. This causes the body to release endorphin’s that relieve pain therefore relieving the migraines as well.

You can see more about ‘BreAnn Barbie’ and her Daith experience below, I may just have to get one for myself!

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