This Is Why You Should NEVER Drink Water With Ice

by Shelby

After a long hot summer day, an icy cold drink may seem like the perfect way to relax and cool down. This might actually be harming the way you digest food, as cold causes the body to contract, which can complicate digestion. 

Drinking hot or temperate water is beneficial to digestion, circulation, detoxification, and elimination. It improves absorption, assist in breaking down foods, and prevents constipation. However everything has its time and place, and cold water can be beneficial at certain times for certain things, like increasing metabolism and cooling us down. 

This is what cold water does to your body

Drinking ice cold water with a full stomach is bad for your health. It makes your blood vessels shrink, digestion becomes restricted, and it makes fats solidify which can increase your toxicity and can feed tumors. Energy is spent on raising back up the body temperature, this can lead to dehydration and excess mucus. 

Why is drinking warm water better?

  • Improves digestion – the digestive enzymes are stimulated in the colon and food metabolism is improved; constipation is alleviated. 
  • Enables elimination of toxins, improves skin health, kidneys, lymphatic system and allows efficient mitochondrial protein production.  
  • Can relieve pain, cramps as it increases a more even blood flow also relieves nasal congestion. 

Drinking warm water is something you need to get used to. However, once you do you will be amazed from the benefits it provides. This can also stop sugar cravings completely.

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