This Is How Chinese Clothes Are Poisoning You. If You Notice a Weird Odor, Get Out of That Store!

by Shelby

Over the past decade, there has been massive urbanization and industrialization especially. Corporations have essentially taken over the world, and they are poisoning us in every way they can to save an extra dollar.

Corporations have essentially taken over the entire world. There is so many people on Earth and there is so much demand for basically everything, and it causes a select few people to get massively rich. But that’s not all; the rich are stealing from the poor, and not just their money – their health too. They replace simple natural ingredients with man-made chemicals that are cheaper to sell and produce. Therefore, they make more money and they assume that we can’t tell a difference – but we can, and it’s a bad one. Our food is killing us, our water is making us sick, and our clothes are poisoning us.

The clothing industries have taken off massively. This is probably because everyone has the ability to directly, yet indirectly, show off all of their fancy things on the internet. Nonetheless, the fashion industry is enormously profitable, which brings about the danger. The majority of our clothing is produced in China, and research has exposed a dirty little secret that clothing producers have been keeping from us.

Have you ever experienced a rash, redness, headache, or insomnia after buying some new clothing and wearing it for the first few times? If you have, you’re a victim and you’re not the only one. The cause of this might be coming right from that new t-shirt you purchased from the hottest fashion company. This is because Chinese originated clothing uses synthetic chemicals as dyes and other components in clothing production and it is poison to your body!

Clothing that is produced in China has been found to have a dangerous synthetic chemical in dyes that they use. The color dyes are toxic, cancerous, and even flammable. Clothing from China contain chemicals for resistance to stains, chemicals for static electricity, chemicals against bacteria, and etc. These chemicals are toxic to your body and they sit on your skin all day long.

For your own well being, you should avoid purchasing clothes from Chinese descent. If the tag says made in China, put it back on the rack. Of course, this will cause you to be very picky, I mean a lot of things come from China, however, you might feel better than ever after you cut them out.

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