There’s A Major Mistake In This Puzzle. It’s Very Obvious But Most People Don’t See It

by Shelby

Optical illusions are a great way to challenge and exercise your brain! Optical illusions and other mind games/puzzles can benefit you in man ways! For example, daily mind games can ward off the progression of diseases like Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Recently many different optical illusions have been circulating through the internet. I think this is a great thing, as everyone is involved in social media these days. Circulating optical illusions and mind games on the internet could stimulate a positive impact on the world’s intellectual statistics. One specific illusion has been recently circulating, and it has people mind boggled! The optical illusion has a very obvious mistake, and it asks for you to find the mistake.

The illusion is hidden in plain sight. This causes people to look over and analyze the text and still, they can miss it! Do you see it?


Spoiler Alert! I’m going to tell you the mistake.

The mistake in the text is not in the numbers. The numbers are highlighted in bright colors to distract you from the text above them in black lettering. The human brain is designed to decode texts and analyze information so that it can understand it. You may have read the text as, “Can you find the mistake”, but it actually says, “Can you find the the mistake?” It is a simple trick to the brain! Puzzles like these are great for mental health, and they are fun too! Always remember to pay close attention!

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