The World’s Biggest Bottled Water Brand Admits: It’s Just Tap Water

by Shelby

Just a few short months ago Aquafina, admitted something quite interesting. They have finally admitted that their water is nothing more than tap water.

They have changed their labels to P.W.S. (Public Water Source) this means that while the water is purified and filtered it is nothing more than the water we have at home in our sinks. Actually, half of the bottled waters sold here in the United States are simply purified water. Tap water actually reaches more purity standards in some places than bottled water does.

Labels for things like ‘mountain water’ or ‘glacier water’ are just words to draw attention. They are still just plain ole tap water usually. You can actually benefit more by filtering your water at home than you can by purchasing bottled water. Using a filter system will save you a lot of money and make things more convenient for your family.

As we have learned in the past just because something is being marketed as one thing does not mean that is what it actually is. People market a lot of non-organic foods as organic as well these days. We the people always seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to information about the things we ingest. Something needs to be done about misinformation when it comes to things meant for consumption.

It is apparent that greed is what runs our country. We need to be more aware of the things being marketed to us. The only difference between bottled water and tap water is the bottle. Do not be fooled.

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