The Oldest Self-healing Method In The World: It Only Takes 10 Minutes A Day!

by Shelby

Ayurvedic medicine is one of the world’s oldest healing systems. It heals the entire body, takes a little time, money, and energy. What are you waiting for? If you practice these 6 methods each day your entire body will enter a process of healing, and you’ll never feel better.

In the modern day, we have tons of health issues. Heart problems, obesity, diabetes, and even more prevalent, cancer. These are serious health ailments and they are claiming the lives of thousands of people every year. Because our food and water is so contaminated by corporate greed, we have to be really careful about what we put into our bodies. Especially when it comes to medications!

Modern day medications are horrible for you. They are easily addictive and you can become dependant on them before you even realize it. More people die each year from pharmaceutical drugs than any other street drugs – including meth and heroin. People survived on earth for thousands of years before the pharmaceutical industry – and we still can. In fact, you’ll probably live longer, be happier, and healthier. These ayurvedic methods will be sure to heal whatever you suffer with.

Clean your Tongue – cleaning your tongue can increase your health by a lot more than you think. Tons of bacteria love to vacation there before attacking the body, however brushing your tongue more often can ensure that you get rid of what you can before it enters the body.

Use Sesame Oil – because sesame oil has so many antibacterial properties, washing your mouth out with it for two minutes after brushing will transform the health of your mouth, and increase your overall health. Like I said before, bacteria love staying on the tongue – sesame oil also helps get rid of them.

Get a Massage – a massage can do more than releasing the tension from your muscles. According to ancient Chinese medicine, your negative energy is stored all throughout your body. Giving yourself a massage every now and then can seriously release tons of stress. You’ll feel better mentally, and who doesn’t enjoy a good back rub?

Drink Hot Water – be sure to use purified water because boiling water that is contaminated with fluoride can make everything worse. However, drinking warm or hot water can release toxins all throughout your body. Hot water is good for everything. Just like it gets stains out of your clothes, it’ll help get some of that stuff cold water misses on the way down.

Mindful Breathing – mindful breathing can be such an aid when it comes to a stressful day. Simply close your eyes and focus your mind on your breathing. At first, it will be kind of hard to get your mind to settle down, but once you get it, you’ll experience a reduction in stress and you’ll feel so much better. The longer you do it, the easier it gets. People typically do this for maybe 2 minutes a day and still experience benefits.

Stimulate your Digestive System and Increase Vivid dreaming – heating up sesame oil and rubbing it on your tummy is great for the muscles of the stomach. It releases all the tension and aids the stomach in breaking down excess foods before bed. It is also said to stimulate good dreams!

If you’re looking to feel better in the modern day the best thing you can do is turn to natural ingredients. They work, have no side effects, and help you in ways you don’t even know! Mother nature has had us covered for thousands of years – she’s still got your back.

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